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Results of survey "Value system"
Results Respondents Excel Send results
Respondent #1 1 2 3
1. Education level
Primary school
Secondary school
2. Job experience
No experience
1-2 years experience
3-5 years experience
5-10 years experience
10 years and more
3. Marital status
Married with children
Married, no children
Living with boyfriend/girlfriend
4. Evaluate what you value the most in your life (1 – most important; 8 – least important)
Career 3
Family 2
Friends 4
Love 5
Money 6
Physical attractiveness 7
Power (status in the society) 1
Religion 8
5. Sex in my life is
Not important bar1bar2 Very important
8 / 10
6. In other people I value the most:
Honesty 4
Loyalty 2
Success in career 3
Logical and intelligence skills 1
Money 5
Physical attractiveness 6
7. I believe that
I have an influence over most of the things and events of my life
There are some higher powers influencing the turn of events of my life, and there is no sense to plan and try to influence anything
There are some higher powers influencing the turn of events of my life, but I can change them if I really want to
8. I value myself and other people usually:
I am good but other people are bad
I am bad but other people are good
I am good and other people are good
I am bad and other people are bad as well
9. Look at the picture. What does the eyes tell about a person?
Eyes of a happy person
Eyes of a sad person
Can't tell
10. For me it is more important to:
Follow the heart
Follow the mind
11. In your opinion, what values are valued the most in today’s society?
12. In which of the pictures you can feel stronger love?
13. In the nearest 3 years I would like to pay more attention to my: (many answers possible)
Career development
Family life
Love life
14. Your participation in this survey helped to obtain important data for my diploma paper. Thank you for your answers!
If you are interested to see the results of the survey – let me know. I will send them to you.